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Christopher Clifford founded Cliffco, Inc. (“Cliffco” or “Cliffco Mortgage Bankers”) thirty-three years ago as a broker, starting from the basement of his home with a modest investment of $20,000 from his retirement account. Initially, Cliffco’s focus was on subprime second mortgages and assisting borrowers in improving their financial situations. In 2000, Christopher obtained a banking license, which marked the beginning of a steady and gradual ascent for Cliffco. Throughout the years, Cliffco successfully secured approvals from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), establishing solid relationships with major players in the industry and maintaining positive connections with warehouse partners. Presently, Cliffco’s partnerships include First Horizon, Flagstar, and The Bank of California. Around six years ago, Cliffco ventured into the realm of NON-QM loans and subsequently developed a small but thriving third-party origination (TPO) business. In early 2022, Christopher applied for and secured a line of credit with Webster Bank to facilitate 1-8 family and small mixed-use bridge lending. This addition to Cliffco’s portfolio has proven to be a valuable asset, and Cliffco is currently utilizing the line to its full capacity, exclusively catering to retail business. Besides his passion for the mortgage industry, Christopher’s true love lies in constructing and repairing homes and buildings. Over the past decade, he has successfully built ten new homes, and he recently completed a comprehensive renovation project for a 93,000 sqft. office building. Additionally, he has recently delved into fix-and-flip lending, a new endeavor that excites him. With Clout Capital LLC, his newest venture, currently boasting a net worth of $3.7 million, and Cliffco’s net worth reaching approximately $7.5 million, Christopher’s ultimate objective is to leverage his business accomplishments to create an even more substantial enterprise.

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